Benefits of the Cloud

Why Move to the Cloud?

Reduced Cost

Using a cloud-based environment removes the need for expensive up-front investments and the typical costs associated with on-premises solutions. Agencies and organizations no longer have to worry about the storage and staffing to keep mission critical applications and communications functioning. In addition, cloud technology is subscription-based, taking the load off of capital budgets and in the end, saving money.

Highly Automated

Agencies and organizations do not need to be concerned with keeping software up-to-date. Required updates are automated and handled through the secure cloud.

Flexible & Mobile

Cloud computing offers much more flexibility than past computing models; it can be easily scaled up or down according to demand. Additionally, the mobility of the environment means that staff can securely access data they need from anywhere at any time, whether it’s through a desktop computer, a laptop or a handheld device.

Easily Deployed

Instead of installing a suite of software for each device, organizations only have to load one application. That application allows employees to log into the secure cloud, which hosts all the programs the user needs to get the job done.

Added Value

Not only are the solutions you need now available through the Datamaxx Secure Cloud™, but Datamaxx continually adds valued services to the cloud so organizations can easily take advantage of new solutions.

Shifts Focus to Your Mission

Since organizations no longer having to worry about constant server updates and other computing issues, they can be free to concentrate on their primary missions.

24x7 Technical Support

Organizations do not need extensive IT resources to maintain and update software or assist with user troubleshooting. Datamaxx provides outstanding customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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