Industries Served by Datamaxx


Law Enforcement & Public Safety

For more than 20 years, Datamaxx has been the premier provider of advanced communications, data access, information sharing and enterprise intelligence to the law enforcement, criminal justice and public safety industries. With the introduction of its flagship solution, Omnixx Enterprise, Datamaxx sparked a revolution in the law enforcement and public safety industry, proving that mission-critical data access and information sharing technology didn’t have to be prohibitively expensive and hard to use. Today, more than 750,000 law enforcement and public safety users rely on Datamaxx solutions to achieve their missions to protect and serve.

Law Enforcement & Public Safety Solutions: Omnixx Enterprise, IntelliTICKET


Local, State & Federal Government

For local, state and federal government agencies requiring data access, information sharing or secure access control technology, Datamaxx provides a myriad of solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of government organizations. From robust criminal justice information sharing solutions, to secure instant messaging, Datamaxx offers technology solutions to enhance government operations.

Local, State & Federal Government Solutions: Omnixx Enterprise, IntelliTICKET


Security Solutions

When Datamaxx entered the security services market, it brought more than 20 years of domain expertise in law enforcement information sharing technology. Datamaxx is proud to bring the power of this information, with the necessary security and privacy concerns addressed, to the Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources designated by the Department of Homeland Security.