Learning Center

Datamaxx Academy

Effective education goes hand-in-hand with a successful software deployment. In order to ensure a smooth deployment, The Datamaxx Academy provides a broad array of training offerings designed to meet the needs of any sized agency.

The Datamaxx Academy develops and delivers courseware geared to students of varying levels, including end user, train-the-trainer and administrator-level courses. Diverse training offerings such as on-site, or distance e-Learning via videoconferencing and webinars, uniquely position Datamaxx to meet your educational needs.

Technical Support

The two words most commonly utilized to describe the mandate of law enforcement and public safety organizations are “mission critical” — our customers cannot afford to have malfunctioning software.

Datamaxx Technical Services members provide timely assistance when a problem occurs, and proactive maintenance to prevent the problems from occurring again. Our clients trust Datamaxx Technical Services to provide outstanding customer support when seconds matter most.