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Data Access

Datamaxx is the industry leader in providing premier data access solutions to those charged with the protection of our homeland. Datamaxx has formulated strategic partnerships to offer secure access to every state, local and federal law enforcement, justice and public safety agency. Datamaxx was the first private company to partner with Nlets (the International Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing Network). This partnership, coupled with our patent-pending Datamaxx Secure Cloud™, gives Datamaxx the unique ability to utilize the Nlets network to provide access to critical information including FBI NCIC, FBI III, State Criminal History, Sex Offender, DMV and State Hotfiles.

Data Access Solutions: Omnixx Enterprise


Information Sharing

The timely and accurate sharing of mission-critical information is a necessity to law enforcement, criminal justice and security professionals. The challenges of sharing information, whether it be counterterrorism information or complex criminal investigation data, can be daunting. Datamaxx leverages its considerable expertise of the law enforcement and criminal justice communities to mitigate these complex issues and deliver powerful and innovative industry-specific information sharing solutions.

Information Sharing Solutions: Omnixx Enterprise, including Omnixx Message Broker


Secure Access Control

Critical infrastructure and Key Resources, 85% of which are privately owned, are aware of the security threats posed by visitors, vendors and contractors. Access control systems abound, but since Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources have no access to law enforcement data, no system provides sufficient information for threat assessment….until now. Datamaxx is pleased to offer solutions to Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources for true SECURE access control in addition to technology solutions for public sector security needs.

Secure Access Control Solutions: Omnixx Enterprise


Datamaxx Secure Cloud™

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly relevant to the law enforcement, public safety, criminal justice and security industries. Using a cloud-based environment for your data management saves time and money. But public safety agencies and organizations have a legal responsibility to ensure their data is secure. Some of the most forward-thinking industry leaders today are already reaping the benefits of the cloud, but keeping their information secure, by utilizing the Datamaxx Secure Cloud – the only Nlets- and FBI CJIS-audited cloud offering CJIS solutions, data access and analytics.

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Electronic Citations & Permitting

With its industry expertise in criminal justice, public safety and homeland security solutions, Datamaxx brought to the market the most advanced e-ticketing solution on the market today. Datamaxx e-ticketing solutions offer innovative features, including an industry-first payment collection module, and are offered through the Datamaxx Secure Cloud.

Electronic Citations & Permitting Solutions: IntelliTICKET