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Omnixx Enterprise®

With the introduction of Omnixx Enterprise, which includes the Omnixx Enterprise Platform® and the Omnixx Force® suite of solutions, Datamaxx sparked a revolution in the law enforcement and public safety industry, proving that information access and sharing technology didn’t have to be prohibitively expensive or hard to use. Today, more than 750,000 users rely on Omnixx Enterprise to provide robust, cost-effective solutions to access, collect, share, and analyze information.

Omnixx Enterprise Platform

The Omnixx Enterprise Platform transcends products currently on the market by offering agencies one single platform in which they can operate any client – from desktop, web, mobile, and handheld clients to clientless functionality that supports any message-capable device. It includes the Omnixx Message Broker, which can serve as a state- or metro-level message switch.

Omnixx Force

Access Nlets, FBI NCIC, and State Sources with the industry-leading suite of data access and information sharing products for law enforcement, criminal justice, public safety, and homeland security industries. Omnixx Force is available on several types of user interfaces to fit the different needs of the market today. From traditional desktop and web clients, to advanced mobile data computing and handheld interfaces, Omnixx Force truly provides a client for any situation and type of user.

  • Omnixx Force Desktop - A feature-rich and robust client designed for the power user
  • Omnixx Force Web - The first and foremost, zero-footprint, Java-free, full-functioning solution of its kind
  • Omnixx Force App - Brings the power of Omnixx Force to multiple devices
  • Omnixx Force Mobile - A complete mobile data center solution designed for response personnel

Omnixx Enterprise Platform®

  • Scalable & Flexible
  • FBI CJIS Security Policy Tested and Compliant
  • Risk-Based Advanced Authentication & FIPS 140-2 Encrypted
  • Rapid Deployment & Advanced Installation
  • Extensive Library of External Interfaces
  • High-Speed Transaction Processing
  • High Availability & Redundancy
  • Disaster Recovery option through Datamaxx Secure Cloud®
  • Exposed Web Service APIs
  • EIMS Interface, GFIPM and SAML compliant
  • Data Orchestration via Seamless Integration with Microsoft® BizTalk®
  • Single Sign-On, Single Point of Administration
  • Scalable n-Tier Architecture
  • Centralized Repository
  • Dynamic Updates
  • API, XML and Web Services Support
  • Built-in Support Network Authentication including:
  • LDAP
  • Active Directory
  • Omnixx Directory
  • Certification/Role-Based User Authorizations
  • SNMP Monitoring, Auditing and Reporting Capability
  • Supports High Availability, Clustering, and Load Balancing
  • Enterprise Messaging & Reporting
  • Enterprise Training & Certification
  • Omnixx Snap-Ins – Extensibility for quick integration to third-party data

Omnixx Force®

  • FIPS 140-2 Compliant
  • Master Query
  • Centralized Administration
  • Dynamic Auto-Updates
  • User Certifications
  • Smart Forms
  • Plain-Text Field Descriptions on Forms
  • Data Validation and Comprehensive Lists to provide access to NCIC, NLETS, and state data sources
  • Configurable User Interface, including extensive CAD interfaces
  • Intelligent Query
  • Auto-Hit Response
  • Image & Object Support
  • GPS Query Tracking
  • Silent Distress Alert
  • Broadcast Messaging
  • Audible Officer Alert
  • Detailed Logging
  • Digital/Silent Dispatch*
  • Interactive Status Updates*
  • In-Car Mapping*
  • Premise History Display*
  • Interactive Decision Support*
  • *Omnixx Force Mobile

Datamaxx Secure Cloud™

Datamaxx Secure Cloud™ Solutions provide direct access to private law enforcement networks and homeland security information sources via the industry’s first secure cloud. All Datamaxx CJIS solutions, including Omnixx Enterprise, are offered through the Datamaxx Secure Cloud, the first Nlets-audited cloud meeting FBI CJIS security requirements.

Learn more about the Datamaxx Secure Cloud.