IntelliTICKET E-Citation Software
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IntelliTICKET is the most advanced e-ticketing solution on the market today. With innovative features, including an industry-first, on-scene payment collection module, customizable functions and query capability, IntelliTICKET is the ideal e-ticketing solution for both large and small agencies. Create professional, legible tickets in seconds from your Windows MDT, Android tablet or iPad* and increase your agency’s revenue generation.

* IntelliTICKET is currently available for Windows and Android operating systems with iOS currently in development.

  • Queries NCIC, Nlets, and State data sources for increased officer safety.
  • Features auto-populated fields, scanning capability, drop-down menus and type-ahead functionality to increase productivity, while saving time and resources.
  • Issue real-time tickets in any coverage, whether online or offline.
  • Mobile printing to create legible tickets quickly on the go.
  • Industry-first payment collection module to increase your agency’s revenue generation.
  • Quickly and easily reprint tickets and generate reports through the online ticket management system and customized reporting tools
  • Designed by industry experts with outstanding customer support to get the features you need, with 24-7 support available.
  • Integrates with existing DMV, RMS & Court systems in order to reduce data entry errors, processing times and costs.
  • Available on multiple platforms for easy integration with your MDT, or the latest hardware options.
  • Integrates with Omnixx Force®

IntelliTICKET in the Cloud

Datamaxx offers a subscription-based model for IntelliTICKET through the Datamaxx Secure Cloud™ to save on expensive up-front costs. All Datamaxx CJIS solutions are offered through the Datamaxx Secure Cloud, the only Nlets-audited cloud meeting FBI CJIS security requirements.

Click here to learn more about the Datamaxx Secure Cloud.